The country we live in

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Judaean Mountains, 2006 – Photo: © Patricia Cardet


We live in a fascinating but difficult country! Judging Israel from the outside, we might see it only as a country of war, extremism and danger. The media coverage might make us forget about a multitude of small events which never hit the newspapers; the simple daily life and also the liturgical celebrations of different communities who live here: Jews, Muslims, Druze, Christians from all Churches or rites…

And for us, the Carmelite nuns living here, some places which even might not be “official holy places” move us to the deepest of our heart because they are inhabited by the word of God; some character of the Bible becomes suddenly alive, close to us; some biblical event becomes a present-day one. Even after years and years of living in this country, it still sounds strange to us to say: “I have to phone to Bethlehem, to Nazareth”…

All this, we regard as a treasure we would like to share with you in these pages, as the days go, step by step.

Here are the first stops of our journey :



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