The news of our Monastery

As you may have noticed, our site is about to change in order to better correspond to our current situation and to the wishes expressed by our friends.
We would like to give better witness to you of our life as Carmelites, of course. But also, of our life as Carmelite nuns in a specific country. For, indeed, we have the grace of living in a land that is at once, the land of God’s Revelation, the land where the Word of God, the Uncreated Word became incarnate, and where the Church was born. Finally, we live in a place, where the Carmelite Order originated some 800 years ago…

All these realities fill our lives and are our richness. Through our web site, we would like to share with you ‘a little something’ of that.

Of course, we cannot do this very quickly; we shall do it step by step, because the principal occupation of the Carmelite nun, her preferred and almost unique apostolate is prayer, seeking the intimacy with the Lord. Yet, aware of the richness and happiness we received, it would be unfair to keep that for ourselves. There are moments when everything is ‘too vast’ and ‘too good’, and these moments can and should be shared. We want to do so, slowly, gradually and according to the time actually available to us. The Lord Himself invites us: ‘Freely you received, freely give’. He has eternity before Him; why could we not take a few years?

So, we would like to share with you our daily life, full of His Presence, as well as some special moments, such as important events for the whole Church, or the Order of Carmel, or even, more modestly, some events that we live in community, such as our liturgical celebrations which are the basis of our life…

Other pages may be added later, according to your wishes … and our inspiration!

Feasts we like to celebrate



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